Our 7 Core Beliefs

These core beliefs run through everything we do with, and for, our clients.

When you work with Conrad Ferguson & Associates you'll soon discover how we work. From over 20 years experience on the client-side of the desk working with hundreds of suppliers in the creative services business, we've established 7 Core Beliefs that underlie our approach to every assignment.

  1. A comprehensive strategic brief is the springboard for creativity.

  2. A simple, elegant solution is superior to a complex one.

  3. Understanding the impact of creative choices on final budget and production is key to a resourceful solution.

  4. Effective design communicates with audiences instantly.

  5. Invigorating partnerships come from asking tough questions, probing understanding and embracing honest feedback.

  6. A “No Surprises” policy is the only way to go.

  7. Great relationships grow from delivering as promised with grace, flexibility and humour.

These 7 beliefs are written on every agreement to give you a clear understanding of what we expect and what you can expect of us.

"Laurelea was a delight to work with, from beginning through to the perfect finish. Her incredible attention to every single detail, willingness to accommodate my ideas, brilliant creativity and fabulous disposition has made this experience fun and exciting."

Elaine Maxwell > President | Maxwell & Associates

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